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About Technopar

The technopark "Altai" was built in 2008 for the implementation of the strategy of industrial and innovation policy, in order to create favorable conditions for the development of innovations in the region through the introduction of an effective comprehensive support mechanism of the creation and development of new innovative enterprises.

Mission of the Technopark: development and implementation of new directions of innovation development in the East Kazakhstan region, the search for modern ideas and technologies providing innovative socio-economic development of the region, promoting the formation of its human, scientific and technical potential through the integration of production (business), science, education.

Main strategic goal: Technopark acts as a service center, providing and developing a range of services aimed at promoting the creation of new innovative companies and the implementation of innovative projects in the East Kazakhstan region, ensuring the achievement of the objectives of its innovative development stipulated by the Industrial Innovation Strategy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main activities directions of the Technopark are defined by the Entrepreneurial Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, other legislative and regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Charter:

assistance in the organization of provision and receipt by subjects of industrial and innovative activity of the state support measures provided by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

1)    provision for temporary use of equipped workplaces, office premises, meeting and presentation areas, including communication facilities and office equipment to residents of Altai Technopark;

2)    organization and holding of training seminars, trainings, courses and consultations;

3) organization and implementation of activities aimed at the reception, selection, formation of industrial and innovative projects, as well as their support;

4)    provision of engineering services, including premises and equipment for the use of laboratory complexes;

5)    provision of consulting, analytical,

methodological and information services;

6)    assistance in technology transfer;

7)    assistance in commercialization of domestic and foreign technologies;

8)    assistance in international cooperation in the field of industrial innovation;

9)    assistance in attracting investments for the implementation of industrial and innovative projects;

10)  assistance in the management and promotion of industrial and innovative projects;

11)  assistance and/or participation in the creation of legal entities, the main activity of which is the implementation of industrial and innovative projects;

12) organization and carrying out of scientific, technical, technological, economical, marketing expertise of industrial and innovative projects;

13)  implementation of scientific, technical, industrial and innovative activities, including the implementation of intellectual property rights, as well as research and engineering works;

14)  Design and construction works;

15) other activities not prohibited by law.


The Technopark's activities are based on the following seven main mechanisms:

1. Marketing development of industries. The results of the application of methods of industries marketing development is the creation of industry market models that allow forecasting their development and assess the risks of certain innovative projects implementation. The use of mechanisms of industries marketing development, in addition to determining the context of the innovative projects implementation in the autonomous district, is also aimed at solving the issues of increasing the number of companies engaged in innovative activities in the autonomous district, stimulating demand and supply in the market of innovative goods, works and services, the development of innovative activity competencies, the introduction of innovations in production and technological processes.

2. A network cluster structure. Network cluster structure is a set of subjects of innovative activity in the production field, binded with relations in this field due to functional dependence in the implementation of innovative goods, works and services. The purpose of creating a network cluster structure is to include the subjects of innovative activity of the region in the value chain.

3. Digitalization and automation of management. The digitalization and automation of management processes of innovative activity is carried out with the purpose of optimizing expenses and reducing costs, which is achieved through:

  • improving overall performance through the introduction of lean production mechanisms;
  • increasing the level of openness and transparency of activities;
  • increasing productivity and speeding up management processes;
  • reducing the risks of non-fulfillment or late fulfillment of production tasks;
  • maintenance of registers of project initiatives, innovative ideas, projects, goods, works, services, investment proposals, including providing solutions to the issues of diversification of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

4. Project management. Carrying out its activities in the process management mode, the Technopark as a whole performs the functions of the project office, providing initiation, launch and support for the implementation of the Technopark residents' projects.

At the stage of the idea initiation, a comprehensive examination of the idea presented for consideration is carried out, which consists in performing five assessments using specialized methods – evaluation of innovation, feasibility, competitiveness, practical significance and competence of the authors of the idea. Recommendations to the author's ideas concerning its further development are made based on assessments results.

At the stage of launching an innovative project, a set of measures on preparing this project for implementation is carried out, namely, the registration of security documents for the results of intellectual activity, the project team  training to the competencies of innovative activity, the development of the innovative project passport, including a set of technical documentation, a business plan, an investment plan, the organizational structure of the project, a roadmap for the implementation of the project, prototypes, presentations, promotional products are prepared.

After implementation of the whole complex of the specified actions, the complex expert assessment of the innovative project is carried by the expert Commission and, in case of the positive decision of the Commission, the project is accepted for implementation and is put on maintenance.

At the stage of innovative projects support, monitoring and control of the innovative projects roadmaps implementation as well as measures to promote innovative projects are carried out, the commercialization of intellectual activity results is provided to the market goods, products, services through the study of consumer properties of innovative products, goods and services.

5. Personnel for innovation. The Technopark acts as a center of innovation activities competence, promotes the introduction of elements of innovation activity competence formation in the existing educational programs of educational organizations in the region.

6. Stimulation of innovation supply and demand. The Technopark implements a set of measures to generate demand and supply of innovations in the region, using various forms of work: research, analysis, conferences, seminars, round tables, essays, projects, presentations, etc.

7. Innovation infrastructure. The Technopark has all the necessary structural units necessary for the development of innovation in the East Kazakhstan region: Regional Innovation Center, Information and Education Department. The Technopark leases property that is on its right of ownership to small and medium-sized businesses engaged in innovative activities.